Welcome to Yarra Indian Myna Action Group

The principal objective of YIMAG is to reduce the impact of Indian mynas on our native birds and animals.

We aim to achieve this objective by:

  1. Increasing public awareness that Indian mynas are a serious environmental and health threat, not just a public nuisance.
  2. Implementing a humane reduction program.
  3. Coordinating the manufacture and supply of traps.

The Group recognises that its endeavours are unlikely to totally eliminate Indian mynas from the local environment. However, with a concerted, coordinated and sustained effort, we believe a significant impact can be made on the Indian myna population in a region, thereby helping to protect our native birds and small mammals.

Trapped so far: 10372

Traps are available for purchase from YIMAG for $50. Membership of YIMAG is $5 for two years (optional with purchase of trap).

Contacts for buying traps are:

Traps can also be purchased from the following suppliers:

Yarra Glen Stockfeeds
2/1 Armstrong Grove Yarra Glen VIC 3775 (03) 9730 1729
Email: Kathy@yarraglenstockfeeds.com.au

Hadlow and Sons Pet and Stock feeds
920 Yan Yean Road (Rear), Doreen Victoria (03) 97174421

Going Green Solutions
946 Heidelberg-Kinglake Rd, Hurstbridge   (03) 9718 0126
Email: contactus@goinggreensolutions.com.au

Edenvale Community Environmental Farm
30 Gastons Road, Eltham (03) 9433 3711